PART 4 SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES 4 Tips to Optimise Your Twitter Profile


When creating a Twitter profile for your business it’s important to think about what your objectives and goals of using this platform are. Do you want to build brand awareness? Are you trying to generate leads back to your website? Whatever the reasons, once you have clear objectives you will be able to create a relevant social media strategy to help you succeed. Here, we take a look at 4 tips to optimise your Twitter profile to its full potential.

Carefully Structure Your Twitter Bio

When it comes to creating your Twitter bio it’s important to make sure you have included the following:

  • Brief description of your business
  • Link back to your website (it would be good to make this a trackable link so you know how many users have come to your website through your bio)
  • Location if relevant
  • Any other information that you feel is important and relevant

Twitter only allows 160 characters for bios so it’s important to structure this carefully to make sure you can include all the relevant information.

Create a Great Twitter Handle

When creating a Twitter handle it can easily be overlooked, especially when you decide you want to create an account and have to think of something off the top of your head. A few pointers for creating a great handle are:

  • Make sure it connects to your brand and is relevant enough that when someone looks for your brand on Twitter you can easily be found
  • It’s important to be as consistent as possible. You may have the same username on all your social media platforms to then find out that it’s taken on Twitter. If this happens make it as similar as you can to your username on other platforms
  • You want it to be memorable so keep it short and avoid using numbers if they’re not relevant

Create a Content Schedule

The average life of a tweet is very short at only 18 minutes, therefore it’s important that you’re posting regularly and create a content schedule. If you’re unsure about what times and days are best to post, start experimenting and refer back to your analytics which will show you the times and days that your tweets have been most successful. It will also show you the type of posts that are generating the most engagement. This will then help you to structure your content further,making sure that it contains relevant information that your audience will enjoy. Also don’t forget to use scheduling management tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer to make this easier Their basic packages are both free and it allows you to schedule posts easily and saves you time

Structure Your Tweets

There are a few little things that you can do to increase the engagement of your tweets including:

  • Using relevant hashtags
  • Not using more than 3 hashtags per tweet
  • Including appropriate images when possible to make your posts stand out
  • If you’re talking about a specific brand or person, remember to tag their account

As you can see there are several things you can do to increase your tweets audience, engagement and capture your audience’s attention. You can also change the wording in your tweets to encourage others to retweet, comment and like by simple techniques such as asking a question. Engagement isn’t just one-way so make sure that you’re retweeting, liking and commenting on others content too and engaging in conversations with your audience.

If you would like some help setting up and managing you social media accounts, we offer social media services and you can find out more information here. Alternatively you can contact us at or 01865 989899.