is it the end of passwords?


We all understand the importance of passwords, to protect our various accounts, but could there be an easier option on the horizon that could save us from having to remember passwords in the future as well as providing greater security?

The Web Authentication Standard (WebAuthn) promises to protect users against phishing attacks and the stolen credentials by replacing passwords with biometrics and devices already owned by the individual, such as smartphones, webcams or fingerprint scanners.

The plan is that you will be able to authenticate your login by using your body or something that you possess and communicate with the website via bluetooth for example, eliminating the need to remember long passwords.

This is similar to what Google currently does, in allowing you to set up a verified mobile number/device whereby if someone attempts to gain access to your account, you will be alerted on your mobile device and can allow entry by clicking on the alert.

Google, Microsoft and Mozilla has committed to supporting WebAuthn. The aim of this solution is to reduce the need of remembering passwords and increase online security 

With hacking, data and security issues increasingly big news, removing the need for passwords could be a really important step in the right direction to improve online security and at the same time, making sites and services easier.