influential SEO trends on digital marketing


With SEO and Digital Marketing such big news and the ever changing environment of the internet, there are many trends in SEO that will begin to have more of an effect on digital marketing and the way in which we work to promote websites. It is a constant challenge faced by all marketeers to create and implement the best strategy to make sure that the business website is working effectively for the company. 

We take a look at some of the most exciting changes taking place online and how this will influence the focus of SEO and Digital Marketing.

Voice Search 

With the introduction of a voice search Mobile App on iPhones in November 2008, Google has been at the forefront of voice search services and with devices such as Alexa and Siri being used by many, as well as Google Assistant and Cortana, Google voice search queries in 2016 were up 35 times from 2008 according to Google trends via Search Engine Watch and (according to comscore ) it is predicted that by 2020, 50% of searches will be done via voice search. By optimising keywords into more conversational phrases, SEO experts will be able to keep on top of this change.

Video Marketing

The use of video engagement has been something that has increased steadily since the launch of YouTube in February 2005 and with a huge 500 million hours of videos watched on YouTube each day, it is clear that we love to watch a video. The use of video on websites and social media has been supported with the increase in mobile phone technology, making it easy to watch anything at anytime. The trend is recognised in search engines, so it can help your position if you have a video/videos within your website for example.

Mobile Optimisation

Since April 2015, mobile optimisation has been an important factor when talking about websites. From July 2018, it will be vital to ensure that your website has a quick page speed as this will be one of the official mobile ranking factors. Any site that is not mobile responsive will risk being invisible in the busy world of internet ranking.

Social Media Searches

Social Media is increasingly becoming another platform to use for searches. As this trend increases over time, it is likely that content on social media platforms will also need to be optimised to meet this requirement and ensure that ranking is also achieved on social media platforms as well as search engines.

Being aware and on top of the changes within the SEO and Digital Marketing sphere is vital if you are to continue to compete is this ever-crowded and competitive arena.

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