PART 3 SOCIAL MEDIA SERIES 8 Ways to Optimise Your Facebook Page


When creating a social media account, it’s important to think about your objectives and goals in order to optimise your page to its full potential. Whether you already have an existing Facebook page or you are planning to create one, these tips will help you to make your page the best that it can possibly be.

Provide Complete Company Information

It’s important to make sure that you’ve filled out all of your company information such as address, opening hours and website. There’s also a section for an overview to include what your business is about. Be concise and clear to make it easy for people to understand what you do, and remember that original content will help your page rank higher. There should be no blank fields on your company profile, unless you genuinely don’t have the information to include. Don’t forget to make sure that your username matches your brand name. This will also be your custom URL so check that this is completed.

Choose a Pre-made Template

Facebook has a great tool which allows you to choose from a selection of pre-made templates. The purpose of these are to provide a better optimised page in relation to the type of business you have (e.g. shopping, services, venues, restaurants and cafes). If you’ve already selected a template for your page but want to change it, you can go onto your settings and change this at any time.

Consistent Branding

You’ll want consistent branding across your entire profile so it’s important to customise your profile photo and cover photos with relevant images that reflect your business. Consistent branding also relates to your content. When publishing content, whether it is a status update or a blog post, make sure that it’s in line with your branding, tone of voice and that you’re staying on track with your objectives and goals.

Choose a Relevant Call to Action

Facebook allows you to choose what call of action button you would like to display (e.g. call now, send message) so make sure it’s relevant to your business and how you would like customers to contact you.

Pin Your Most Important Post to the Top

Maybe your business has a sale at the moment? By pinning this post to the top of your page this becomes the first post that potential customers will see. If you have any posts that you want to highlight then this is a great way to do so,making sure it gets noticed when users visit your page.

Create & Organise Page Tabs

On the sidebar on Facebook you’re able to create page tabs which can be used to promote products or services. This includes ‘offers’ to highlight current offers, ‘shop’ to list products you want to feature and ‘services’ to highlight your services. It’s a good idea to take advantage of this tool.

Enable Reviews

Allowing your customers to leave reviews on your Facebook page is a great way to build trust and reputation. You have to manually turn this on otherwise customers won’t be able to leave a review. With many people now using facebook rather than search engines to find companies, Facebook reviews are even more relevant than before and can really help to increase your brand reputation.

Publish Evergreen Content & Schedule

When you first create an account your newsfeed and timelines are going to be empty, so it can be a good idea to backdate posts and publish evergreen content that is valuable outside of any specific time frame. You can also use free tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule your content to go up at specific days and times.

Be Active

Lastly, don’t forget to be active. This is more of an ongoing strategy,and is highly relevant to how your company is perceived on social media. Regularly updating your facebook page, interacting with your customers and showing a personality behind your brand will help you to create a healthy social media presence that works for you.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you optimise your Facebook page however if you would like some help setting up and managing you social media accounts, we offer social media services and you can find out more information here. Alternatively you can contact us at or 01865 989899.