Simple SEO tips for small business websites


You’ve realised the importance of having a small business website which is great. You have the platform and now you need the website to work effectively for you. But with little to no budget where to begin?

For the large corporations, where money is no object they can afford to pump large budgets into SEO and Digital marketing strategies in order to ensure their website has the highest visibility. Small businesses have different challenges when it comes to ranking and ensuring that people are finding their website and then using their services.

Here are some simple SEO tips for small business websites that could help you achieve your objectives.

Create meaningful content

By ensuring that all of the content in your website is meaningful and also uses keywords that you are hoping to rank for, you can help your site to rank better. Just be realistic – if your competitors are highly ranking for certain keywords it is unlikely that you will be able to compete, so you should perhaps rethink and choose other keywords that you can realistically rank for. Writing blogs that are concise and useful to your audience is a great way to bring visitors to your site but also show you knowledge and experience.

Be Sociable on Social

By creating and being active on social media platforms, you will be able to increase your visibility through likes and shares. By using social media to boost your interactions with potential customers, you give yourself a better chance of increasing your brand awareness. Sponsored posts are also not too expensive but can allow you that valuable reach to specific audiences that are interested in what you have to offer.

Google Local Listing

By having a Google Local listing you can increase your chances of people finding you through local searches. Also Google Reviews allows visitors to review your services out of five stars. Customer reviews can be invaluable for your business and are definitely worth shouting about. We now offer integration of Google Reviews to our websites, for an additional £5+VAT per month, allowing your customer reviews to automatically show within your website, giving validity to your services. You can see an example here at the bottom of our homepage. Get in touch to find out more.

UX Design

Mobile optimisation, site speed and navigation are all areas that Google takes into consideration when ranking websites. We went into detail about website user experience in our last blog, so you can read more tips around this here.

SEO options that are budget friendly

SEO is a long-term strategy that takes time. You will usually notice changes after around 6 months. We understand that small businesses still need to have access to good SEO at affordable rates, which is why we offer a variety of SEO packages, starting from £225+VAT per month to enable you to grow your business website and compete with other businesses in your industry. If you are unsure about whether SEO is for you, we offer a one-off SEO Audit for just £100+VAT. This allows us to produce a report highlighting any areas within your website that could be having an effect on your ranking objectives. Get in touch to find out more.

These are some of the areas that can be addressed on a limited budget. Remaining realistic throughout and having achievable objectives from the outset is a good starting place. Making some small changes can have a big impact!

If you would like some advice on areas that could help your business website, please call us on 01869 989899 or email