CG Dentist
Claudine Gourlay Dental Practice are a private practice based in Cirencester. As a long-standing client of CBW, they were first introduced to us in 2011. This year, the time had come to rework the website and create a new, fresh and updated version that truly reflected who they are.

How has the website helped your business?

The aim of the new website design was to communicate a fresh, welcoming image; a true reflection of who CG Dentist are.

What were you looking for in your website, what did you hope to achieve?

The goal was for potential patients to feel they actually know something about the practice before even setting foot inside. CG Dentist did a lot of research, looking at many websites and knew exactly what they didn’t like; stock images, cold colours, pictures of decayed teeth and dental equipment. Pretty scary really, not inviting at all!

What made you choose CBW over another web design company?

Due to previous bad experiences that had resulted in several misunderstandings about what they were looking to achieve this had been time consuming and frustrating. However, at Clever Business Websites we like to work on a more personal level with our clients, allowing the opportunity to communicate ideas effectively to one project manager.

How did you hear about us?


It looks AMAZING!! As I said from the beginning, you kept your promises, and have been so efficient from the start. You have made a previously daunting experience an absolute joy!