is your site https ready for chrome 68


It’s something that has been in the pipeline for the past two years, and it is finally here…Google Chrome 68 will now flag any websites that are not HTTPS. 

Previously any site that received data through forms, or payments information was advised to have an SSL certificate applied to the website. This is otherwise known as Secure Sockets Layer and establishes an encrypted link between a web server and browser. This makes sure that any data that is passed between the server and browser is not compromised.

It will take time for Chrome 68 to be rolled out across all web browsers, but you will be sure to see these changes over the next few weeks.

This change has come due to the overall security of the internet. Currently any site without an SSL certificate is vulnerable to having their communication intercepted and stolen as the communication is sent in plaintext.

Rolling this out across all websites will encourage a safer internet experience and also alert users to potentially insecure websites. It is true to say that sites that don’t have forms or collect data in the past didn’t need to worry about SSL certificates in the past. The change will be that if people are using Google 68, if your website is without SSL and therefore not showing as HTTPS it will be marked as “not secure” and as many people use and trust google when searching on the internet, it probably is something that you should consider.

If your website is still not secure and you would like to purchase an SSL certificate, contact us and we will be able to help. Call us on 01865 989899 or email