Design Tips for Amateurs


design tips

When it comes to creating artwork, adverts or signs to use on our social media, event invitations or special offers, with all of the free to use platforms out there now, we are all able to become graphic designers (of sorts). 

When creating graphics the complexities of design can feel a little overwhelming. You may have a great idea, but when you come to try it out it doesn’t quite look right and you’re not quite sure why. Is it the font, the alignment, the white space ratio? There are many factors to consider, but it doesn’t need to be so daunting.

One of our favourite things to use is Canva. It provides a great resource of building blocks that you will need to get your design hat on and be creative. Here are our top tips that will help you to achieve your own design creations that you can be proud of.

Don’t go crazy on fonts

When deciding on which font to use for your heading and text, make sure that you choose fonts that are easy to read fonts to create a simple and effective graphic design. The eye struggles to scan multiple typefaces, so sticking to two different fonts is the best idea.

Scale it up

By changing the size of objects and elements you will be able to create a really eye-catching design. For example, make text, shapes or any features that you want to be noticed slightly larger. Another great way of creating a design that stands out is by using bold colors to enhance. 

White space is your friend

Don’t overcrowd your design, and allow space between your elements. Your design should be evenly spaced, avoiding overcrowding of shapes, images or text. The key is also to ensure that your message remains easy to read. If there is too much going on, the message will be lost in the noise of what is happening in the design.

Have fun trying out different designs, styles, fonts and colours. Canva provides different template sizes that you can utilise for facebook, twitter, instagram, blog posts etc as well as giving you options to create custom dimensions for your designs. Give it a try!

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