5 tips to boost your landing page conversions


The goal of your landing page is normally to boost conversions, whether that is getting people to contact you, sign up to your newsletter, or take advantage of your latest offers. Optimising your landing page is one of the best ways in which you can increase the performance of your PPC campaigns and maximise your ROI. We’re sharing our top tips on how to optimise your landing page and boost conversions.

  1. Have a Clear Call to Action – Call to actions are very important and it can make the difference between a bounce and a conversion, therefore if you have ‘Submit’ or ‘Contact Us’ as your call to action it’s time you changed your strategy. This will be different for each business however ‘Book a Demo Today’ and ‘Find Out More’ and some general examples of how you can change it up and make it more relevant and engaging.
  2. Make Your Forms Simple for Mobiles – Have you ever tried filling out a form on your phone? It’s normally time consuming and can put people off if there are too many fields to fill in, so keep them as short possible. Also make sure that the layout makes it easy to read and that it’s simple to click from one field to another.
  3. Create an Engaging Headline – It should be the first thing that a new visitor notices on your landing page. You want to keep it short however grab the reader’s attention and clearly explain the product or service. Also if your headline compliments an image that explains the product or service, then you don’t need to go into as much detail.
  4. A/B Test the Position of Forms – There’s normally a lot of focus on creating contact forms, however the position on the landing page is often overlooked. It’s important to have the contact form above the fold, however it’s a good idea to create two versions (e.g. one landing page with the form on the right and another landing page with the form on the left) and A/B test them to see what’s most successful.
  5. Don’t Forget to Include Contact Information – It’s surprising how many people forget to include contact information on their landing pages, however it’s important as you want to make it quick and easy for potential customers to contact you. It’s also a good idea to have multiple methods of contact so visitors can contact you however best suits them, and it also helps to add trust and show that you’re a reputable company.

These are a few tips to optimise your landing page for your visitors and boost conversions. If you would like any help with your landing pages or website, you can contact us at 01865 989899 or email hello@cleverbusinesswebsites.co.uk